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Take a look what the executive MBAs are reading

This short blog post is an introduction to our brand new book list for executives. This time we decided to publish our selection of readings in a new format; online and free for everyone to see.

Even though the digital tools of social media provide a huge source of inspiration nowadays (like described in Avance blog post: "3 reasons why also executives should use social media"), books are a great source of knowledge and ideas. Literature is an essential part of our eMBA programme´s learning methodology. We try to pick up the most inspiring and fundamental business books for our eMBAs to read.

Naturally you can take a look at books as learning instruments from various angles, like the last time when I blogged about our updated reading list:  ("To read or not to read? business books as a source of wisdom"). But now we'll cut some corners and get straight to the point.

The list is built on if the service is familiar for you, go straight ahead by clicking the read shelf bagde below. If you'd like a 2 minute briefing to the service and tips about how to use the list, we have prepared an introduction video for you.

-Pasi Aaltola, Director of MBA Education

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