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Hear hear! Great podcasts every manager should listen

2016 might be the year of podcasts. These digital audio files have been around for a decade, but I've noticed that recently they have become increasingly popular. For example in our Executive MBA's Web For Executives module, students found them really inspiring. And why not, podcasts come with many benefits:
  • For starters, podcasts provide in-depth conversational content as opposed to brief status updates and tweets. They are an essential source of rich digital content (in addition to blogs and video) 
  • Podcasts are highly ergonomic to consume. This is not a minor matter in this time of endless screen staring in highly unergonomic postures.  
  • You can use podcasts to fill your otherwise useless spare time.
    Been on a business trip lately?
The following presents some podcasts that I highly recommend for any manager to listen. I subscribe and listen to them with my iPad's podcast app but naturally other services will do. Below are just a few of my favorites. Feel free to share your favorites in the comment box.

The Economist: The week ahead

This weekly podcast gets you primed for the next week by briefly covering big events and issues that will be in the news next week.

TEDtalks audio

We all love TED talks. They work surprisingly well also in audio format.

Financial Times world weekly

This one covers major international political stories.

TED radio hour

Want to dive more deeply into TED talk topics? Based on TED talks, TED radio hour is more comprehensive one hour program centered on a specific theme.

Entre Leadership

This podcast features discussions and tips with leading management and business thinkers.

HBR ideacast

Weekly podcast presenting management thinkers from Harvard Business Review.

Boss level podcast

Like they state: interviews with interesting people doing awesome things.

Six pixels of separation

Mitch Joel's podcast on digital marketing and management. Always inspiring.

Freakonomics radio

Fascinating combination of human nature, behavioral economics and riddles of everyday life

Pasi Aaltola
Director of MBA education
Avance Executive Education
Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics

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